What is now missing and what is to come for the Revenge of the Mummy ride.

As we all know, Universal likes to plant easter eggs around the park from past attractions and franchises.  One of my favorites was of King Kong in the Mummy ride.  Seen on the left at the end at the end of the treasure room scene was it’s typical location.  I heard a rumor that it was missing, so being the Universal Adventurer I took a special trip in to confirm.  It is TRUE, the Kong statue is now missing.  After speaking to several attraction workers, they all answered the same way:  “we have no idea where it went to”.


Universal has also just dropped their trailer for the new Mummy movie, which begins their effort to start a shared universe franchise, much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  A universe made up of the classic Universal movie monsters.  This begs the question, will we see a refurbishment of the ride themed to the new movie?  I suppose only time and box office numbers will tell.  But the new movie looks promising.  If you haven’t seen it, check out the trailer below.


About theuniversaladventurer

Universal addict who moved his family from New York to Florida to go to the parks more often.
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